Web Marketing consists of all efforts carried out with the aim to make a website popular (advertisement production and communication) except those destined to search engine optimisation (SEO) per se. While the technical attributes of such works are often similar to those in the paper and TV media (static or animated graphic artworks), the supports and communication channels used on the WEB are internet-specific and provide for a wide variety of possibilities.

Thus, an animated ad made up of video and sound must be implemented with specific and web-friendly support systems such as Flash player from Adobe or Silverlight from Microsoft, in order to be played over the internet.

With respect to communication channels, there exists a plethora of possibilities permitting customised advertising campaigns, tailored to your budget, objectives and your targeted visitors. There are the so-called "pay-per-click" methods provided by Google for instance and the per-page-impression pricing systems provided by Yahoo, MSN and other major web media.

Web marketing can also be carried out by manual and daily efforts consisting in interacting closely and directly with potential visitors. There are as many possibilities as our wide spectrum of imagination permits, taking account of legal restrictions (e.g. spamming, on-site regimes).

Weborigene is pleased to form an ideal partner for advertising production and communication on the WEB !


1- Objectives and market identification;

2- Agreement on marketing campaign methods and drafting of the relevant strategy;

3- Studio production of the advert;

4- Upload to the channels agreed;

5- Performance tracking.